If you search for truth, you’ll find it. I still believe that.

I’ve always thought being true to oneself was a worshipful act. That seeking self-betterment while not taking it all too seriously is a difficult but crucial task, and if it doesn’t drive us to madness first, then perhaps we could better the world with it.

I grew up in a small, mossy town in the Pacific Northwest, concocting all manner of make believe and always working on a large writing project of some sort. My love of storytelling and the natural world took me through various college degrees in biology, Spanish, writing, and illustration. In 2015, my previously fundamentalist evangelical Christian worldview began to fall apart, which, to those unfamiliar with the culture, was as good as a death sentence.

Slowly, I began to unravel the traumas lurking beneath my straight-laced, high-functioning surface, stumbling day by day into returning to myself, healing chronic nervous system dysregulation, and offering others permission to question. It’s an ongoing project.

This blog is a hodgepodge of creative effort—of fiction excerpts and updates and aspirations, of spirituality, identity, and self-acceptance as I do my utmost to learn how to be a force for good on this earth.

This is my voice.


“ODONATA”: The scientific order dragonflies belong to. When I was at college in my early twenties, deciding to really invest in my love of art and writing as a potential career, I was writing a novel called “Dragonfly.” I was halfway decent at writing by that point, but so far behind my peers in my abilities as a visual artist. I felt really shy and embarrassed having to post my work on the bulletin board for critique in art classes, but I made myself show up week after week, believe in the things I wanted to do with my life. After a while, I learned dragonflies symbolize change, adaptation, and self-realization, which was by then super on brand with my passions in creating art, but from this time of development in my life, it also grew to symbolize something else: “Believe in the possibilities, and do it scared.”


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