I’ve been presented with a lot of pieces,

and I’m eager to build.

But lately has been the details of building. The messiness of the process.

And not the glorified messiness either.

The exhausted days, the not good enough days. The critiques that are hard to listen to. The frustration of setbacks in the shadow of heavily looming deadlines. Everything taking longer than expected, much longer than I’m certain I can handle.

Hanging onto the hope and love of the craft in the midst of it. Clinging to the good habits as much as I can, using every bit of inspiration when it happens to swing around.

Sometimes it’s a delicate balancing act. Other times its a wild careening from one side to the other.

The things we desire most deeply are what we must fight hardest for. And they are found one step, one word, one line at a time.


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