Senioritis and writing and stinkbugs

I think I’m hardcore infected with senioritis. If that’s the case, this state of being will probably only get worse. Which makes me whine a bit inside. (Actually a lot.)

I’m not doing anything I’m supposed to do. And I simply don’t care enough to convince myself that things have deadlines.

And keeping up blogging twice a week has been the first to suffer. I’m always in a mad scramble to catch up or keep up. This week, it’s catching up that’s the objective. But so far it’s been a haphazard attempt.

In light of my current inability to think in any organized manner about the soul-searching floating around in my brain, I thought an overdue life update would be appropriate for today’s post, so here goes:


Editing my book has taken a short hiatus simply because I haven’t been working on it as diligently these last couple of weeks. Instead, I have been writing like mad on the next book and making good headway. I am almost to a part I’m really excited to get to, but after this point I haven’t fully worked out all the plot points. I tend to cycle through inspirations in my creative pursuits fairly regularly.

My illustrative endeavors have mostly amounted to digital doodles and sketching during my senior capstone lecture. I have been trying to do the inktober challenge, in which participants make one ink drawing per day during the month of October. Currently, I’m behind on that too. I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up at this point. I just started a larger traditional project, and it feels good to sit down and not be as haphazard once in a while.

Last week, I pretended to be an adult and called an admissions counselor from the art school that I hope and pray I’ll get into. Despite procrastinating for three weeks before actually making the call, I found her easy to talk to, and she was very helpful in answering my questions. She also sent me the portfolio requirements for the graduate admissions application, and it’s sounding like I have until April to get everything in. I’m excited to start revamping/reimagining art pieces, making new ones, and choosing which existing pieces to possibly include in my portfolio. Currently, I’m planning to apply for a Master’s program in illustration with a comics emphasis—and I still think I’m a little insane for planning to move to a big city out of state and pursue art school.

But I’m also really looking forward to it. And I’m so tired of science-major level cramming, academic journal articles, presentations and research projects. I just want to pursue my creative passions full time and try something new.

But the season hasn’t arrived yet, so I must wait.

Aside from updates on long term life happenings, sweater weather is not coming nearly as quickly as I need it to, our house has been invaded by stinkbugs, my car’s working great, I’m turning in my homework on time, and milk tea is still the best.

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