The fluorescent study lamp above my desk buzzes fitfully, and I try to ignore it as I struggle to keep my attention on my homework. Week eight of the fall semester is almost over, and I find I still have no attention span for the duties of a student. I used to be so studious, but now I’m simply apathetic.

Normally, I over-think everything. I worry I’m not going to measure up, or that I’ll fall behind. I’m afraid of not caring enough, even when this shows I actually care quite a bit. This semester, however I have been experiencing the mystifying sensation of truly not caring. I find it freeing, fascinating, and concerning all in one confusing mix.

Is it acceptable to be noncommittal? This is a question I have been pondering over the last several months. Is it all right to decide not to force oneself to do something when the right “feeling” just isn’t there? (An excuse I have been using to procrastinate on homework lately.)

Since May, I’ve been attempting to take obligation in moderation, feeling out life and my relationship with God and trying to escape overbearing self-inflicted guilt-tripping. After spending twenty years in a cycle of making plans, attempting to be disciplined, reworking reformed plans over and over again, I think I finally grew sick of it. I was never content, never measuring up to my own standards. I just wanted to learn to be content, which I think is the purpose of this season. I need to learn to operate within my ambitious personality and move forward without feeling so incredibly pressured to improve.

So, essentially, I have been cruising, ignoring the idea that I should be more disciplined. I haven’t really read my Bible in months. I refrain from guilt-tripping myself for not trying to sit myself down to pray often.

But God calls us to be intentional, disciplined, and audacious in our faith, which makes me worry. I feel like I’ve sat myself down in a corner, engulfed by a huge garish sweater of complacency, the collar pulled up over my nose. Does my current lifestyle serve a purpose, or am I just trying to justify being disgustingly self-indulgent? Where does respite become avoidance?

During the summer, the descent into this vacation from life was largely unintentional, and it worried me. I asked God about it, and he replied with instructions to simply trust Him. The way things are going, I think I may finally learn what it means to be content with what I am.

So, though my actions have been making me a little nervous, I will continue to trust God to lead me in this season and to keep me from crossing the line. No matter what happens, no matter how ineffective my attention span becomes or how long these confusing, noncommittal times persist, my heart will always belong to Him.

4 thoughts on “Noncommittal

  1. It’s interesting that you address this. I too, have been overcome with waves of relational apathy. I’ve found it very freeing as well. I know there’s a balance to be had somewhere in there, but whatever “that” looks like, whoever you “really” are will naturally gravitate towards that. There’s hope! I promise.

  2. This post is so great. You do a really good job of presenting this issue and explaining how you are working through it. The way you describe your cycle of making plans, reworking them, and always falling short reminds me of myself. It might do me good to focus on getting rid of the guilt trips as well. Thanks for sharing, this is super interesting and helpful, even though the issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

  3. This post could not have been more perfect. I can completely relate, especially the part about being engulfed by a “garish sweater of complacency.” (I love that line by the way.) I always have these grand plans for myself, whether it be writing goals or just trying to keep my house clean for an entire week, and I never seem to live up to my own expectations. Thank you both for your honesty and reminder to have faith. I too think (hope) that there is a balance to be found.

  4. I got a few sweater that zip all the way up to the bottom of my chin. When I get really uncomfortable, I zip the sweater up and tuck my bottom lips into the sweater to hid how uneasy I am in the situation, or how I want to say something but will refrain.

    It is a good season to be in, Trust. It tends to hurt and be weird and uncomfortable, especially when we feel like we have to be doing more. You are not alone on the journey friend.

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